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We have provided ISO 22000 certification services to thousands of organizations across the globe. Our ISO 22000 consulting services are used by large multinationals, SMEs and government organizations. Get the best ISO 22000 implementation and 22000 certification services with us.

What is ISO 22000

ISO 22000 system deals with managing food safety. The system is flexible; therefore, organizations’ product, size, or position does not hinder product safety management and deliver consumers’ wants.

Globally ISO 22000 system benefits organizations and clients by.

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ISO 22000 Requirements

ISO 22000 requires the FSMS to be designed and documented; below are the strategy requirements:
1 Organizations should develop policies concerning food safety.
2Initiate objectives that comply with the organization's policy.
3Planning, designing, and documentation of the management system.
4Maintain records of the system performance.
5Establishment of groups to deal with food safety.
6Effective communication internally and externally.
7Implementation of an emergency plan.
8Evaluation of FSMS performance and provision of adequate resources.
9The adherent of the HACCP principle
10Establishment of a control and correction action system and traceability system for product identification.
11Documented procedure to handle product withdrawal.
12Control of measuring and monitoring tools.
13Audit programs to be established and maintained.
14Continuous update and upgrading of FSMS systems.

ISO 22000 Consulting Services

Certification of the Food Safety Management System in the organization promotes customers' confidence in purchasing the products, thus improving the company's processes. Services provided for ISO 22000 certification involves auditing and training, Gap analysing, and managing conflicts across the organization by maintaining impartiality.

How to get ISO 22000 Certification

Certification of organizations for the ISO 22000 requires several steps to be attained:

ISO 22000 Consulting Services

Cost for certification is valued from consultation fee, the number of courses taken by employees for training, and time taken by auditors. Small organizations opt to pay less than large organizations; therefore, the costs vary differently.

Cost of ISO 9001 Certification

An organization’s complexity and size heavily influence the cost of ISO certification. An audit time for a management system is determined by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), which publishes Certification Bodies (CBs) requirements. The organization’s complexity, size, and several locations are all considered when determining the requirements. After receiving quotes from several CBs, some discrepancies may be noted. Sometimes, audit day rates and administrative costs are the culprits. Audit prep, CBs’ day rates, and writing report fees vary widely, identical to their hourly rates. If the CB does not have a qualified local auditor, an auditor is sent from another location, increasing the cost to the clients.

ISO 9001 Training

The ISO 9001 certification consulting services acknowledge organizations and individuals concerning training programs and the process of implementation. To ensure a successful audit, the strategy.

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