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Digitize, simplify and improve your ISO implementation

Sterling International Consulting works with the mission of delivering the maximum value from your ISO implementation. We add value through our globally acclaimed QMS Software, HSE software, HACCP software, FSMS software and ISMS software. ISO automation has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers and employees by providing a single integrated platform that will help you reduce manual errors and improve processes that are vital to your business or organization.

With our QMS software, organizations can automate ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 22716, AS 9100, IATF 16949 standards. Our HSE software helps organizations to digitize ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001 standards. With our HACCP software and FSMS software, organizations benefit from an automated food safety management system while our ISMS software delivers an amazing effective, complete and user-friendly information security management system in line with ISO 27001 standard.

  • QMS Software
  • HSE Software
  • HACCP / FSMS Software
  • ISMS Software

QMS software

Automate your quality management system

Our software automates quality management with its easy-to-use system based on ISO 9001 standards. You can integrate QMS automation with any company or business. Be the leader of your industry with QMS software automation for your business. Contact us to learn more about our QMS software. QMS software helps business owners to implement a comprehensive, systematic management system essential for any company with desire to comply with international standards. QMS software was designed as a standard for continuously improving process-oriented business management. Anyone from a single entrepreneur or association can use it as it creates a system that’s flexible and adaptable.

Use our QMS software in cloud – private cloud or public cloud, install it on your server or use a hybrid model with our tailored deployment options. Get a free demo to understand powerful capabilities of our QMS software and how it can help you make your ISO 9001 implementation simple, easy, employee friendly, 24 X 7 available and always audit ready. Visit for more details.

QMS software is a quality system automation tool used for bringing quality management within reach of every organization. Our QMS software is a leading QMS automation tool that helps businesses and organizations get the most out of their quality management system. Effivity QMS software is an easy-to-use, cost efficient, and powerful solution for companies looking to support their ISO 9001 certification process. The Effivity team offers specialized resources and domain expertise to help you save time and money with an automated  and paperless quality management system.

How Should I Spend the Money on Quality Management Software?

Quality management is so hard. There are so many aspects of the quality system, and each is tied to different processes, activities, tools, people, etc., so what is the best solution for you? The answer often depends on your needs. There are a lot of different ways a company can approach a QMS system. One, they may choose to only use the “basic” features provided by the software, or they may opt to spend more on premium features. The question remains, how much money should an organization put towards their quality management software? Planning for this investment is important, so it’s important to be comfortable knowing the solution you choose will actually deliver the promised returns. What sets Effivity apart from most other companies is the ease of use & quick deployment along with  a ready to use, pre-configured but customizable QMS software.

Why is Quality Management Software Important?

In most systems, quality management is done through a manual process that leads to a variety of mistakes and expenses. For example, high levels of rework or late delivery can cause cascading costs for customers, hurting product revenues and often dangling the heads of company managers above the water. To avoid this, it’s important to do something about it as soon as possible

What is quality management software?

Quality management software is a complete, integrated solution for your business. Effivity takes everything from compliance to resource allocation and creates a streamlined culture of quality across your business that is built on team working and transparency.

Why is Quality Management Software Important?

In most systems, quality management is done through a manual process that leads to a variety of mistakes and expenses. For example, high levels of rework or late delivery can cause cascading costs for customers, hurting product revenues and often dangling the heads of company managers above the water. To avoid this, it’s important to do something about it as soon as possible

Develop a comprehensive QMS solution with Effivity

Many companies are turning to Quality Management Software when they are in need of a solution that generates great numbers of notifications, metrics, or reports to keep their business in compliance with the industry’s ever-changing standards. If you are in need of your own company-wide QMS, it may be helpful to know what questions to ask when choosing which software will best work for you.

Benefits of QMS Software

Effivity is a world-class QMS solution that brings customers the most modern functionality with expert support, made for any type of business, including software development. With our time saving tools, you can streamline processes, improve compliance and increase product quality. Approving a QMS solution or trying to come up with one from scratch can create a significant headache, but this needn’t be the case. The Effivity software allows you to choose from several templates so that you get an elegant and comprehensive plan for your operations. Effivity believes a successful QMS should be customized for your needs and it should contain tools to ensure data maintenance while providing a database at the same time. Working with a QMS software solutions such as Effivity is one of the most beneficial things companies can do to advance their quality management programs. The main aim of any quality management program is to reduce production risks and decrease costly errors. Using a software solution, companies can improve their ability to

HSE Software

Automate your HSE compliance with our HSE software

Employers have a responsibility to keep worker safety top of mind even as the global attitude toward healthcare changes. Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety compliance can be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive for your company. Our HSE compliance software – Effivity HSE –  is a cost-effective solution that helps organizations manage workplace hazards better, improve occupational risk management, reduce HSE incidents, augment emergency preparedness & response, monitor, inspect & improve HSE performance continually, implement an effective work permit management system, carry out environment aspect-impact assessment, track waste generation & evaluate fulfilment of applicable compliance obligations.


Our HSE software makes implementation of ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 standards simple, effective and ensures 100% compliance with health and safety/environment regulations. Make your HSE system robust, 24X7 accessible, employee friendly, paperless and always audit-ready with our HSE software.

Why an effective HSE management is important?

In business, managing health and safety / environment is a mandatory obligation. It’s never too late to take the first step and early on it’s better than not at all. Use our HSE software to automate your compliance with several processes of managing HSE aspect of your workplace. Process of managing what needs to be managed has definitely changed over the past decades. It has effectively evolved into a process that can be automated with workflow based business management software, which is why it’s imperative for every business to automate their HSE compliance with our Effivity – HSE software. Get your 100% automated hse management with Effivity HSE. Our software allows to automate your HSE management easily and smoothly. It is designed in a way to increase labor productivity and reduce failures from start to finish. HSE management is one of the most important aspects of running a dynamic company. It basically ensures the safety of your workforce. This makes it essential to have continuous ongoing compliance with all HSE regulations. The software that helps you achieve compliance is easy-to-use and can digitize the entire HSE compliance.


How HSE Software makes HSE compliance smarter & effective

HSE software is designed to not only act as a database of risks, but to provide an overall better safety leadership. When you choose our HSE Software, you will be able to enter all of your data into the software and have its built-in logic provide intelligent dashboard with statistical analysis for you to make informed decisions. This technology can automate many of the tasks traditionally completed by regulatory staff including checking for compliance gaps, reevaluating accident history, running spreadsheets to determine which hazards exist, defining environmental pollution scenarios, teaching risk procedures… When a business uses a business management system, it opens the door for smoother processes, improved data productivity and a deeper cross-departmental integration. The compliance processes done manually is tedious and prone to human errors while HSE automation provides a platform for error-less, digital, complete and accurate occupational health & safety and environment management system.

Benefits of HSE software

HSE software is a sophisticated tool that provides a high-level of automation for HSE management. Communication management, collaborative task management and reports generation can become  simple with this software by integrating it with your core business processes. Automating your HSE compliance is an effective way of streamlining business processes which can often lead to significant time saving. We are the largest provider of HSE compliant software solutions across the world. Intelligent HSE automation is a powerful tool available on a SAAS (Software As A Service) model cuts across various business units, departments, project sites and locations.

Functionalities of HSE software

With a HSE software, it is possible to automatically ensure efficiency of compliance processes. Assignments and reporting can also be automated according to group activity or protocols for different situations.  Our HSE software offers the below modules.

  • Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment
  • Environment Aspect & Impact Management
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning & Response
  • HSE Incident Management
  • Compliance Obligation Management
  • PPE Management
  • Work Permit Management
  • Waste Management
  • HSE Inspection Management
  • HSE Document Control
  • Policy & Objectives
  • HSE KPI Management
  • Internal Audits
  • Management Reviews

To automate your HSE compliance process today, register for a free trial here

HACCP Software

HACCP software is one of the most effective ways to stay ahead of food safety regulations, ensuring your food preparation facility can follow all local and federal regulations. The article lays out how this software makes it easy for you to: hold high-quality food in stock, monitor quality and contamination levels in the production and transport process, and reduce costs in these areas!

What is HACCP Software?

One of the most successful and time-consuming industries in recent history is food manufacturing. Thousands of hours can be lost daily by poor quality control, dirty production environments, and inefficient tasks such as product liability tracking. When considering the multi-faceted aspects of food production, it’s easy to understand why any large company that handles food may benefit from having a HACCP software installed at their facility.

Benefits of HACCP in the your food business

Negative press can damage or kill your business, and kitchen mistakes (such as toxic food contamination) can negate years of positive PR. You might be wondering how HACCP or HACCP software can help your business. Any successful food industry company must adhere to strict guidelines in order to prevent issues with food-borne illnesses, which are caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites found in food. When following strict guidelines with HACCP software in place at all times, the supply chain remains secure.